Cute + Cause= Winning!

So, I spotted this baby parked in St. Augustine, FL and literally slammed on brakes, then brought my SUV to a slow crawl so I could get closer and take pics–well, DUH!

Dontcha’ just LOVE it?

I mean, really? It comes in PINK!? If this is not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, I’ll eat my hat!

So here’s the scoop!

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1st World Grandma Problems!


My beloved Grandmother called me on Friday to do which of the following…

A. Say “Hi!” or “I love you!”
B. Talk about curtains and other grandma-y things
C. Ask me when I’m going to have a baby
D. Tell me that she needs help unlocking the next episode of Candy Crush on her Kindle Fire.

You guessed it– D

She called in a panic because she’s a serial player and thinks she can’t move on without Facebook (which she doesn’t have) and needs to complete quests, but doesn’t want to buy anything (and she thinks she has to, but really doesn’t.)

Needless to say, I got her up and running with minimal bloodshed and all is well with the world!

#KeepCalm and #PlayOn Grandma!


Be Still My Beating Heart!

My Cutie-McCute-Face has returned!

With help from my friend Bianca and a pitstop in ATL, my Toddler Face is safe in my arms!


He survived a 12hr drive, has been man-handled by his stalker wife, and is pictured here sleeping in heavenly peace! (All in a day’s work)


And… What do we do when we forget our sleep mask in Arkansas? …We #KeepCalm, wrap a wife beater around our head, and pass out! 😴