No matter how cute, soft, or friggin’ perfect they are, unfortunately there’s a Hart Household Ban on Hello Kitty (or any) adult fleece onesie pajamas! –Can you believe that?

As much as I plead my case about: comfort, warmth, the general childhood nostalgic principle of wearing a onesie as an adult, good ol’ fashioned cuteness, etc. — the hubs wants NO parts of it.

He’ll be home tomorrow (whoo-hoo!) so here I am, basking in the final tender moments with my absolute favorite winter jammies in the whole wide world! It’s bittersweet!



I mean really?…

How could he not be mesmerized by a pink onesie? — and it’s Hello Kitty to boot!

How could he resist a hood with polka-dotted bow? – did I marry a monster?
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… Thanks God!

Don’t tell the hubs, but between you and me, I almost missed my flight today.

I haven’t been in the same room with my ToddlerFace in a coon’s age and while I’m teeming with joy, I still managed to move at a snail’s pace and cut it too close for comfort, actually more like pain-and-suffering-close! … Why do I always do that?

I had a 2:15pm flight to Memphis and at 12:53pm, I was still sitting in my car and following too close in Orlando’s lunch hour traffic, going nowhere fast, with my stomach literally in knots!

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