… Thanks God!

Don’t tell the hubs, but between you and me, I almost missed my flight today.

I haven’t been in the same room with my ToddlerFace in a coon’s age and while I’m teeming with joy, I still managed to move at a snail’s pace and cut it too close for comfort, actually more like pain-and-suffering-close! … Why do I always do that?

I had a 2:15pm flight to Memphis and at 12:53pm, I was still sitting in my car and following too close in Orlando’s lunch hour traffic, going nowhere fast, with my stomach literally in knots!

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WWJD?… And I Wasn’t Even Wearing My Bracelet!

You guys will never believe what happened to me today! … Or on second thought, maybe you will!

By now you know there’s always some random shenanigan for me to contend with– which is why I started a blog in the first place!



Ok, so my friend Alicia and I decide to venture off the beaten path to have lunch at one of her favorite spots– Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine!

(Nice spot to try if you’re in the area! Great food and drinks, open seating, and relaxing atmosphere… it always gives me a “South Beach Florida” feel for some reason! It’s usually packed with a long wait time, but if you make a reservation; you’ll waltz right in! I digress.)  

So we make to St. Aug. and immediately…

  • Meet the masses– It’s lunchtime on Saturday in “The Nations Oldest City” and the tourists are everywhere. That’s Normal!
  • Detour like crazy– They’re doing construction downtown and basically none of the normal tiny streets are open, GPS is confused and leads right into every single “Road Closed” sign posted. So we’re on or own– bobbing, weaving, and zigzagging through the Nation’s Oldest streets. That’s Abnormal!
  • Cross paths with maniac– Yep! I’m pretty sure he was put in our path by the sweet Lord above to test us! (actually… to test me in particular, because I was driving.) That’s RIDICULOUS!

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