Well Bless His Heart!

Mr. Hart felt inclined to challenge me– yes, ME, the witty English teacher– to a game of Words With Friends!

How cute.


It almost seems unfair, but as the saying goes, a family that p[l]ays (and prays) together… You know the rest!

Well sir, you just woke a sleeping GIANT. Prepare for total domination!

Yours Truly,

“Thug Wife”

Meet My Nun!

Me: Oh look babe! It’s a nun! (pointing)

He: (silent)

Me: I’ve never seen one up close! Take a picture of us!

He: You’re not taking a picture with her. She could stab you!

Me: She’s a nun! … What? Is she going to pull a knife out from under her cloak?

He: I’m not taking a picture of you and that lady. And why is she standing in front of AT&T?

Me: Nevermind that! You either take a picture of her or I’m going over there, wrapping my arms around her, and taking a selfie! (at this point I’m planning to blog my first, up close and personal, nun sighting)

He: You’re so ridiculous. How can I take a picture and I’m parked directly in front of the lady? She’ll see me!

Me: Figure it out. You’ve been warned! (running into AT&T)

He: (rolls his eyes)


As you can see, I got my photo! Meet my nun! Isn’t she perfect? (and YES!) That is the hood of the hubby’s Camaro and his headlight reflecting off of her. Guess we were pretty close, huh?!