Throwback Thursday: High School Revisited


“I LOVED high school, and I wish I could go back!” said no one ever– but ME!

But, it’s SO true! High school was AWESOME– maybe because I went to a small school and my class was really close, maybe because I’m a social butterfly and was in EVERY crowd, not just the “in-crowd”, maybe because I was a cheerleader, maybe because I was always president of something-or-other, or maybe because I’m naive and believe there’s hope for a better… everything, or maybe because I’m just a SAP!  (I digress!)

When strolling through my Reader Feed of blogs and bloggers I follow, I ran across this and kinda’ died a little inside!


Sidebar:  First and foremost, I LOVE @OpinionatedMan! Aside from my mother (whom I literally had to guide through the process), he was my first blog follower! I was even more humbled by the fact that he is a well-established blogger and followed me–the [clueless] new kid on the block!

Having said that, his post made me wince when I read it!  I initially thought, “of course they [we] were stupid, they [we] were kids!” and then I thought, “Wait, did my classmates say this when they saw my invite?” Finally, I did a little reflection, realizing that many people feel this way about “the high school experience” and reunions in general. As senior class president c/o 2001, I planned our 10 year and I was SO excited about it! My class can attest to the fact that I was Dog the Bounty Hunter– mullet and all! I Facebook stalked, and hunted them down a year in advance–I truly mean EVERYONE and if I couldn’t find them I sent someone else to find them and bring them back to me! Sadly, I even had people report back that someone was in jail! (In hindsight, I was probably unhealthily consumed with it!)

I appreciate @OpinionatedMan’s honesty and candor, and from the outside looking in, his post makes me a bit sad as it says a mouthful about his (possible) experience. His post leads me to be curious as to what (possible) stereotypical category or group he falls into to make him feel this way about reuniting. It makes me feel that there are (or may be) some bruises so to speak.  Or– he’s simply the voice of others who have lived this as their truth.

Reunions aren’t (or shouldn’t be) about seeing who’s fat, or who turned out this way or that— or at least mine wasn’t! We just hung out, laughed, and just enjoyed each other’s company; just as we did back in the day! When we gathered I don’t remember one mean, excluding, or negative conversation being had at all, ever!

So overall, I say that more often than not, “the high school experience” and reunions get a bad rap!  Would you agree?

…I dunno’ @OpinionatedMan, I probably wouldn’t be able to take “No” for an answer sir!


An {equally} Opinionated Woman


48 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: High School Revisited

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  3. Huh, that’s funny. OM was my first follow too.

    I’m still in high school, but I’m homeschooled, so even if I managed to get together with people who go to my co-op, it wouldn’t be much of a shindig. That’s just one of the very few disadvantages to being homeschooled.

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  5. No it would just seem kinda weird, I really am sorry. I am sure there are plenty of people in the us with stories just as saddening. And I am not having internet at home, or tv or radio. I like to hide away in my cave in the day

  6. Partly I think this has to do also how people deal with their past.

    Personally I always try to see certain periods in life as concluded. I still remember them, but dont feel the need then to relive them then anymore. Independant from the fact whether those were good or bad periods.

    The thing about the past is that the human mind tends to erase bad memories, and make good memories more bright than they actually were.

    I have moved several times in life, also during school time.

    Looking back at those changes in environment, my personal experience is that the real good friends anyway somehow stay in your life, and you keep on meeting them without reunion, and those you have not seen for so many years, or did not have contact with, for that mostly there are reasons (not meant in a negative way), and it’s not really worth seeing them back.

    That’s why – with one exception – personally I have also never gone to a reunion and actually do not feel that desire to do so.

    But of course I can understand people who do so.

  7. Yes definitely, that’s true. We’ll see! I haven’t heard any rumblings about a reunion yet. Maybe when I get details, I’ll be more enthusiastic.

  8. I would enjoy that. I do like people. I just reach my saturation point sooner than an extrovert does. As my kids (now grown up) could tell you, I did my best interactions with people in line at the supermarket. And if there was no one there to talk to, they said I would talk to the gum rack. Not true. Well, maybe a little bit.

  9. Well I live in england so I couldn’t do that, sorry. Thanks for your offer though, I think it could be difficult saying it all in a public place. I am not all that brave

  10. OMG! I’m so teary eyed right now!
    But wait… last year, I would have been bawling my eyes out while clutching my pearls in shock and horror. Now, all I think is will you PLEASE come visit my school and tell my kids your story! Where are you? We will pay you for a visit!
    I’ve been teaching 9 years. I spent 8 years teaching 4th grade in CandyLand and last year I decided I need to go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum as I was “out of touch” with the full story (if you will), so this is my first year teaching middle/high school and I LOVE IT! I make an impact, I get them, they get me, I love them, I don’t let them feel sorry for themselves, I push them, and I’m strict and make them behave, I listen to them, I (lovingly) put their behinds in detention as needed, and they still won’t go away! ;) Many of my guys share your story or similar. They need to hear you! OMG! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  11. Well I certainly have new readers! Thank you! I also appreciate the compliment! I call it the way I see it and I can’t help but write it that way! I was doing this on Facebook for years until my friends kicked me off and told me to take my antics to the Blog World! Glad to be here! Having a blast!

  12. Well, it takes both kinds of people to make the world go around. I’m not opposed to other people enjoying parties as long as they don’t expect me to stay more than 15 minutes.

  13. Well I was an undiagnosed (somewhere autism spectrum) misfit, with poor seperated parents. My mum would rather spend her money on guiness or on amphetamine than buying new glasses when bullies smashed them up, n I could never be bothered to wash all the time as I was brought up around passive ganja fumes and too I was always sleep deprived. I remember when my dad was killed I got one day off school and I didnt get bullied for two weeks because I was cool for having a dad who sold drugs as it got in the local paper and people talk. the only non white person in school was cooler than me and hung out with the hardcore ones. I mainly hung out with my friend rob who was gay so we got on quite well being in different outkast types. He used to tell me all about aliens and tory amos and whatever else. I only got one album, I like the song “leather”. Rob killed himselfa year ago or so, we were waking up, he was very delicate. Its a shame because when the queen of england died we were gonna walk around our town/city as when Diana had died the high street was dead quiet and the whole atmosphere was sureal and erie in a way we both appreciated

  14. Ya, I try to ask first before reblogging, but when mentioned and when I think they won’t mind I normally go ahead. Hopefully you are gaining some new readers, you have a nice style. :) Enjoy! I guess this is kind of like being “pressed” by OM heh.


  15. OH MY GOSH!!! Talk about flood gates! Thanks for the heads up, that I didn’t see, so when I opened my WordPress and saw all of the notifications, I thought something was broken! You know I’ve only been here like three weeks and I’ve never had this much action! Thanks for the love!
    In case you didn’t see my earlier comment… As my very 1st blog follower and veteran blogger, YOU have now officially adopted me and shall hereby be known as my “BlogFather”!

    Now back to the post!…
    I hate that! Bullies will be crushed and destroyed in my classroom/school by me personally! I hate that with a passion and EVERY one of my students knows it! “Be Nice and Work Hard” is my mantra.
    I went to a predominantly white, rural high school.
    Those are the rough demographics (says Wikipedia)! I was definitely a minority, however I had a blast and do realize that my experience wasn’t shared by all!

    I love people that “aren’t social” and “don’t like being around people”! (my husband was that way–WAS being the operative word! I find that I can bring it out of anyone! It’s my calling! I’m the “antisocial whisperer”! I literally make my student athletes and most popular introduce themselves to my shy guys and all new students while I watch the exchange! They think I’m absolutely crazy, but they laugh and do it! I LOVE IT and everyone WINS!!!
    So, I guess I’m the bully– in a good way! LOL!
    You’re the best @OpinionatedMan aka “BlogFather”! (my notifications have officially killed my iPhone battery) xoxo

  16. What a great post! I too loved high school. Was a cheerleader, social butterfly and played basketball. I have attended a few reunions and maybe I’ll attend the next one with a new perspective!

  17. I don’t like large gatherings in general, and high school was a nightmare for me. I went to five different schools from the time I entered ninth grade until I graduated.

  18. YES-YES-YES! My thoughts EXACTLY dalo2013!!! AMEN!!!
    My reunion was great! There was smiling, laughing, photobombing, and more! We were talking about doing a 5 year, and not waiting until 10 for our next one! I’m a FAN!

  19. Awww… That’s terrible! I am quite dissapointed with your president and/or planner! There’s NO WAY you would have gotten away from me and left my reunion, especially once I got you there! UGH! *stomps away*

  20. Hi Lady Autumn8pagan!
    Thanks for following and commenting! Hindsight is definitely 20/20! I love that you can now reflect and honestly have a real experience to share with your daughters! That’s everything! Now that I’m a high school teacher (See, I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL), I totally stalk my students that fit your “high school description”! I see them on the brink and I try to pull them in! It’s working as of now and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again!
    @OpinionatedMan has officially adopted me– he doesn’t know it yet! He’s my BlogFather!

  21. Thanks for sharing @ubuwan! I totally get it! While your story is quite different from mine, I still feel strongly about the fact that it’s a part of YOUR history! You spent years of your life sitting in classes, bored out of your minds, and doing life with those very people! So why not reunite? You and your classmates are the only ones who have that time and place in common in this great big world!

  22. Interesting post! I rarely hear from folks who really loved high school. My 10 year HS reunion is next year (already, yikes). My feelings on high school are skewed, mostly because I had to deal with tragedy & I was overweight and lacked confidence. Luckily, I wasn’t bullied and I think that’s because I had grown up with many of my peers (elementary school/junior high) so we had a bond. I went to Homestead High in Cupertino, CA…in the heart of Silicon Valley (Steve Jobs was an alum). I was one out of a sprinkle of Black people that were there, but I didn’t even really talk to them much. I was also a first generation product of immigrant parents so that added another dimension. My friends were few. I remember telling my classmates on graduation day: “See you in 10 years!” I was so eager to leave, go to college and start over. Any reunion I attend will definitely be anticlimactic because of Facebook; I’ve reconnected with many people there so I’ve seen how they’ve been over the years. Overall, there are no hard feelings, I never really hated anyone; I was just so indifferent. If I do get an invite, I might go. I just don’t know what memories I would reminisce on, since I didn’t build memories with many folks.

  23. When ever I read memories like this from High-school, it makes me wish I was more involved in mine. I was the kind of the creepy girl that never came to class. It makes me sad to think back at all the potential friends (who didn’t do drugs) that I could of met and all the activities that I could have participated in (cheerleading, art festivals, THEATRE!). Instead, I ended up receiving my GED. I doubt there are any class reunions for my GED class. But, at least it taught me how important education really is. Something I can go on and teach my daughters.
    Oh by the way, I am a new follower. I followed Opinionated Man here :)

  24. You nailed it. I just finished attending my reunion in August, and like the reunion 10 years earlier, it was incredible…to see how everyone has grown (and changed). The cliques, while those groups are still close & friendly, are pretty much things of the past. Even with all the crap that those teenage years heap on the psyche (no one I know would like to re-live those years)…they are what they are, and sure are not what we are now. Sure there is apprehension, but having someone organize it well makes people go from OM’s state into thinking “you know this could be nice.”

    Step out beyond those years and you see that insecurities fade and you learn a bit more about yourself and others. Granted, I think my high school class was unique: stoners, jocks, nerds, etc… pretty much all got along, and while we still fall into stereotypes ~ at the reunion status didn’t mean crap to most. To those few where status did matter, they were uncomfortable until figuring out just enjoying each other is what matters. Perhaps it is just petty envy and deep insecurities where these patronizing comments about reunions begin :-)

    Your reunion probably went very well, as you lead and got people thinking ‘hey this could be fun…” so congratulations to you!

    That said, I have never been to my college reunion…

  25. Since you asked so nicely I will answer. :)
    I was part of a small school as well… of Asians in a much larger school of black kids. Only problem was I wasn’t part of the Asian crowd since I wasn’t their ethnicity and I was adopted. I also hung out with the white crowd. My white crowd was preppy, soccer playing, golf loving type of group. There was a “druggy” type, but now that I look back I am more like that group in many ways now than I knew. My reason for not wanting to go back are simple, I was bullied every grade of my life for every day of my life. I have many black friends and my brother in law is black, so don’t get me wrong, but it is the truth. Because of this I would never go to a high school reunion ever, even if they were handing out a free BMW to every person. I also thought I was more intelligent than most of them… which looking back now I can see was actually true. I don’t like humans much on a general basis, but I am a social human being on most “days.” I can tell though from your about and what you have said that you are an outgoing person and that is great. I wonder if you went to a racially diverse school though? Since you got to ask a question. ;)
    Again nice write up and I hope you get some comments on this. I liked it a lot and I hope you don’t mind the re-blog. Many might follow you, so don’t be alarmed. -OM

  26. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    LoL, great stuff. And I normally don’t insert the “LOL” into a post. So yes, I laughed at this. Nice write. -OM

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