Here’s to YOU… Finals Week!

Just when I thought my switch from elementary to high school couldn’t get any better… along came Finals Week and life is but a dream!


-via Tumblr

Oh, Finals Week… How I love thee!

Because of YOU… The kids aren’t squirrely, but rather focused on the task at hand.– I just love their “get’ er done and go” spirit!

Because of YOU… Lunch is at 12:30 and buses depart at 1:00pm daily–11:30am on Friday! (and students vacate the premises promptly.)

Because of YOU… I only meet with 1 to 2 periods per day, and the students don’t talk. (Imagine that!)

Because of YOU… Finals Week is my favorite week of school and I get (not 1, but) TWO per year– Sweet!

Because of YOU… I get to offer continuous streaming of Ludwig Beethoven on Pandora for all to hear! (my classroom sounds like Carnegie Hall!)

Because of YOU… All of my papers are graded and properly filed away! (My desk is clean too!)

So here’s to YOU… Finals Week! YOU have given my heart wings! 


Teaching in high school= Winning!

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