Here’s to YOU… Finals Week!

Just when I thought my switch from Elementary to High School couldn’t get any better… along came Finals Week and life is but a dream!


-via Tumblr

Oh, Finals Week… How I love thee!

Because of YOU… The kids aren’t squirrely, but rather focused on the task at hand.– I just love their “get’ er done and go” spirit!

Because of YOU… Buses depart at 1:00pm daily and 11:30am on Friday! (and students leave the premises promptly.)

Because of YOU… I only meet with 1 to 2 periods per day.

Because of YOU… Finals Week is my favorite week of school and I get (not 1, but)TWO per year–sweet!

Because of YOU… I get to offer continuous streaming of Ludwig Beethoven on Pandora for all to hear! (my classroom sounds like Carnegie Hall!)

Because of YOU… All of my Quarter 2 papers are graded and properly filed away!

So here’s to YOU… Finals Week! YOU have given my heart wings! 


Teaching in high school= Winning!

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